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Short Film

Fight v Flight

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Wedlock or Deadlock Promo

Client: Charis Christian Centre

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Stuck In - Short Film


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SHE - Miniweb Series


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Wedding Videography

An Epic Journey Begins

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International Chef - Short Film

'An Honorable Mention' - Afrinolly

Welcome to H. S. IDEAS - Innovative, Inspiring Ideas!

We love to tell stories, whatever the means.

Who We Are

H. S. IDEAS is a UK based production company made up of aspiring filmmakers.

With an extreme hunger to tell visually stimulating stories, the team collectively aim to produce unique shorts and features that motivate and inspire viewers. 

Founded in 2010 H. S. IDEAS has since grown in number, skillset and talent. The driving force is telling stories with new concepts and technologies that push boundaries in ways that has never been seen in African Cinema as well as abroad. 

Most Recent

Fight v Flight - Short Film

Some things make perfect sense in theory, but what happens when that theory is put to the test?